Verbos irregulares 4 - Irregular verbs 4

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Bob cortó ese trozo de madera.
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saw - sawed - sawn
also: cut with a saw
Bob sawed off that piece of wood.
La mayoría de las semillas que sembré se las comieron las aves.
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sow - sowed - sown
Most of the seeds I'd sown were eaten by birds.
Hablé con ella ayer mismo.
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speak - spoke - spoken
I spoke to her only yesterday.
también: brillar
Alumbra por aquí con la antorcha, no veo nada.
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shine - shone - shone
Shine the torch over here, I can't see anything.
Anoche dormí como un bebé.
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sleep - slept - slept
Last night I slept like a baby.
Lanzó el saco a su hombro.
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sling - slung - slung
He slung the sack across his shoulder.
Iba calzado con unas botas muy extrañas.
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shoe - shod - shod
He was shod in very strange looking boots.
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