Dinero - Money

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Gané algo de dinero extra este mes.
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to earn
I've earned some extra money this month.
sacar dinero
Necesito sacar dinero de mi cuenta.
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to withdraw money
I need to withdraw some money from my account.
tarjeta de garantía
Se utilizaron tarjetas de garantía junto con los cheques.
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a cheque guarantee card
Cheque guarantee cards were used together with cheques.
invertir dinero
Hoy en día hay muchas maneras diferentes de invertir dinero.
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to invest money
Nowadays there are many different ways to invest your money.
¿Puedes prestarme algo de dinero para libros?
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to lend
loan money
Can you lend me some money for books?
Parece que ya nadie paga con cheques.
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a cheque
It seems no-one pays with cheques anymore.
sin dinero
Recuerdo los días en que era una joven estudiante sin dinero.
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I remember the days when I was a penniless young student.
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