Compras - Shopping

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¡Todas esas películas en 3D son una estafa!
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a rip-off
All those 3D movies are such a rip-off!
hacer las compras
Todos los lunes ella hace las compras en Mafebury's.
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to do the shopping
She does the shopping at Mafebury's every Monday.
Los clientes hacían cola fuera de la tienda.
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a customer
Customers were queuing outside of the shop.
Iré a la farmacia a comprar jarabe para la tos.
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a chemist's
I'll go to the chemist's to get some cough syrup.
mirar escaparates
El único tipo de compras que puedo permitirme ahora mismo es mirar escaparates.
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browsing store displays
The only kind of shopping I can afford right now is window shopping.
Nos vimos obligados a vender la casa y mudarnos a una más pequeña.
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to sell
We were forced to sell the house and move to a smaller one.
Un juego como éste suele costar 150 libras, pero lo compré por 75 en un mercado.
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a sale
A set like this one usually costs £150, but I got it for £75 in a sale.
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