Verbos irregulares 2 - Irregular verbs 2

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La crisis económica golpeó nuestros bolsillos.
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hit - hit - hit
The economic crisis has hit our pockets.
Ellos peleaban todos los días.
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fight - fought - fought
They fought every day.
también: agarrar, coger
Debes sostener mi mano cuando crucemos la calle.
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hold - held - held
You must hold my hand when we're crossing the street.
Ella me dio un regalo envuelto en papel rojo.
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give - gave - given
She gave me a present wrapped up in red paper.
No está aquí en este momento, se ha ido a la oficina del gerente.
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go - went - gone
She's not here at the moment, she's gone to the manager's office.
¿Has oído los últimos chismes?
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hear - heard - heard
Have you heard the latest gossip?
Aún no ha cavado un hoyo para el árbol.
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dig - dug - dug
He hasn't dug a hole for the tree yet.
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