Verbos irregulares 3 - Irregular verbs 3

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Dan me prestó su nueva cámara.
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lend - lent - lent
Dan has lent me his new camera.
Debes haberte equivocado con otra persona.
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mistake - mistook - mistaken
You must have mistaken her for somebody else.
Tendremos que librarnos de este problema, de una forma u otra.
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rid - rid - rid
We will have to rid ourselves of this problem, one way or another.
cortar el césped
El césped no se ha cortado en seis semanas.
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mow - mowed - mown
The lawn hasn't been mown for six weeks.
Perdí mi billetera o quizá la dejé en el auto.
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lose - lost - lost
I've lost my wallet or maybe I've left it in the car.
Los precios de la gasolina se elevaron muy rápido.
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rise - rose - risen
The prices of petrol rose very quickly.
¿Has montado a caballo antes?
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ride - rode - ridden
Have you ridden a horse before?
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