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Fue el chófer del coche rojo quien causó el accidente.
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a driver
It was the driver in the red car who caused the accident.
Nuestro gimnasio ofrece acceso a varias instalaciones para hacer ejercicio.
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a health club
Our health club offers access to various exercise facilities.
Los chicos estaban practicando su rutina de barra horizontal en el gimnasio.
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a gymnasium
The boys were practicing their horizontal bar routine in the gymnasium.
¡Mamá, quiero dar una vuelta en ese tiovivo!
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a merry-go-round
Mummy, I want to have a ride on that merry-go-round!
Tengo una reserva a nombre de Bond.
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a reservation
I have a reservation in the name of Bond.
No hay tantos patos en el estanque como el año pasado.
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a pond
There aren't as many ducks in the pond as there were last year.
también: artefacto, utensilio
La exposición presentó objetos de plata romanos, como monedas y pulseras.
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an artefact
also: ancient object
The exhibition featured Roman silver artefacts, such as coins and bracelets.
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