Chinese Words: Top 500 Verbs
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Chinese Words: Top 500 Verbs
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Interested in knowing the top 500 verbs in Chinese? Well now you can!
Intensify your learning thanks to our list of verbs
With this course you will be able to “提高” your Chinese level!
You can’t use the “I don’t understand chinese” excuse anymore!
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Why do you actually need to learn Mandarin Chinese?

With its 5000 years old history, China is one of the oldest but also the richest cultures in the world. At the heart of Chinese civilization is its rich heritage of novels, short stories, poetry, and drama.

Today, there are around 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers, meaning that by learning Mandarin Chinese you would be able to cover a fair bit of the world! Did this spark your interest? Well, there are a number of reasons and benefits you get from learning Mandarin Chinese:

  • 1. Unlike English, Mandarin Chinese has not acquired the international lingua franca status, but nowadays the possibility of you coming across Chinese characters or work with Chinese colleagues is fairly high!
  • 2. Mandarin Chinese is not only spoken in mainland China but also in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia.
  • 3. The Chinese economy is literally taking the entire world by storm. More areas for employment will be open to other nationalities since native speakers who are also Mandarin Chinese speakers are quite rare.
  • 4. Learn Mandarin Chinese for travel purposes: Search engines such as Google do not work in China, the same is true for Google maps. If you learn Mandarin Chinese you will be able to ask for directions and find your way around.
  • 5. Learning Mandarin Chinese is easier than you think! The grammar is relatively uncomplicated, with no noun declension and no verb conjugation. Sounds easy right?
  • 6. Finally, seeing as Chinese is a tonal language that uses a huge number of logograms, it will without a doubt keep you busy for quite some time. Still, despite its difficulty, knowing how to read and write in Chinese will continuously stimulate your brain and thus improve your memory!

Learn the most common Chinese verbs

The purpose of a verb is to describe an action, a state or occurrence of an event in a sentence. Chinese verbs are a crucial part of a sentence because you can’t really make a sentence without using a verb, right? The best part of Chinese verbs? They don’t have conjugations! Chinese verbs are always used in their infinitive form and it doesn’t change according to the person or number of people performing the given action. Interesting to know is that Chinese verbs can either consist of one or more characters.

In order to help you easily memorize the most common and most important Chinese verbs, VocApp has developed this Chinese Words: Top 500 Verbs course, in which you will have access to a list of Chinese verbs, the correct pronunciation of each Chinese character, example sentences to help you improve your Mandarin Chinese, as well as the pinyin to make sure you get those tones right.

Of course, learning Mandarin Chinese requires perseverance and commitment, but don't worry, our Spaced Repetition System will remind you to review the Chinese verbs you studied, ensuring that you remember them long-term. This Chinese Words: Top 500 Verbs course will allow you to further expand your vocabulary and thus considerably improve your Mandarin Chinese!

Learn vocabulary effectively

VocApp is the perfect platform to learn Mandarin Chinese online. Our professional linguists prepared a variety of Chinese courses, which will help you master the language! Why don’t you take a look?

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