Business Chinese
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Business Chinese
Learn how to deal with Chinese co-workers or future business partners in China!

It is high time to be professional! This course is made to help you using your Chinese in a working environment
We will teach you more about marketing, how to make a presentation, how to write a formal e-mail or make a formal call in Chinese
Be active during the meetings with your Chinese co-workers
Are you into foreign business? This course will enable you to deal with your Chinese partners easily and quickly
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On a phone call - 打电话On a phone call - 打电话  
23 flashcards
Making a presentation - 做演示Making a presentation - 做演示  
21 flashcards
Planning future meetings - 打算会议Planning future meetings - 打算会议  
16 flashcards
In a meeting - 在会议中In a meeting - 在会议中  
17 flashcards
Writing a formal email - 写一封正式信Writing a formal email - 写一封正式信  
35 flashcards
Products, quality and quantity - 产品, 数量和质量Products, quality and quantity - 产品, 数量和质量  
24 flashcards
Advertisement - 广告Advertisement - 广告  
16 flashcards
Business relationship - 商务关系Business relationship - 商务关系  
15 flashcards
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