Everyday phrases in Chinese
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Everyday phrases in Chinese
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Do you want to learn how to say “Can I cut my hair?” or “I got lost, can you help me?” in Chinese?
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Greetings - 问候语,告别词和礼貌语言Greetings - 问候语,告别词和礼貌语言  
22 flashcards
Shopping - 购物Shopping - 购物  
20 flashcards
At school - 在学校At school - 在学校  
19 flashcards
At the bank - 在银行At the bank - 在银行  
20 flashcards
At the restaurant - 在餐厅At the restaurant - 在餐厅  
19 flashcards
During an interview - 在一次采访中During an interview - 在一次采访中  
19 flashcards
At work - 在工作中At work - 在工作中  
20 flashcards
At the hotel - 在酒店At the hotel - 在酒店  
19 flashcards
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