Chinese idioms
English中文, 汉语, 漢語

Chinese idioms
Learn the meaning and the origin of 200 frequently used Chinese idioms

Learning Chinese idioms is finally possible! We explain to you how to analyze them word by word
Study the structure of Chinese idioms and memorize them correctly
Have fun while reading some of the old tales they are related to!
You do not only learn 200 idioms, you also expand your vocabulary
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Chinese idioms 1 - 50Chinese idioms 1 - 50  
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Chinese idioms 51 - 100Chinese idioms 51 - 100  
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Chinese idioms 101 - 150Chinese idioms 101 - 150  
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Chinese idioms 151 - 200Chinese idioms 151 - 200  
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Chinese Idioms

You have been learning chinese for a while now. Do you want to know how to say chinese idioms like a native? Do you want to know what 一见钟情 means? Or better, 马马虎虎 ? Do you want to know chinese idioms to describe someone beautiful and talented or a chinese proverbs that means to do anything for a loved person?

Stay with our course of chinese idioms at VocApp and learn all the chinese proverbs you need to sound like an expert! Continue learning chinese and improve your skills with the chinese language without missing a beat!

Learning Chinese

Our course on chinese idioms is displayed in a way that will allow you to know what each character means, as well as the literal meaning of the expression! Some are very funny! You will see that learning chinese and studying chinese idioms is not so difficult after all!

VocApp language courses

VocApp made available for you this course on chinese proverbs so that you can say 马马虎虎 and really understand what it means! Don’t worry about speaking chinese anymore and learn all the chinese idioms you can and some more!

And if you want to continue leaning chinese you can study with this course after that! VocApp makes sure to have plenty of courses available for you! Chinese Words: Top 300 Adjectives