Chinese for travelling
English中文, 汉语, 漢語

Chinese for travelling
Make your trip to China easier! Learn Chinese & travel stress-free!

Are you planning to visit the country of pandas? This course is the guide you need!
Do you want to have a trip on the road? We teach you what you need to know to rent a car
Learn how to reserve a taxi, check in and check out from the hotel or how to order delicious food
Break down the language barrier and discover China in all its beauty!
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At the airport - 在飞机场At the airport - 在飞机场  
77 flashcards
At the restaurant - 在餐馆At the restaurant - 在餐馆  
50 flashcards
Driving the car - 开车Driving the car - 开车  
56 flashcards
Hitchhiking - 搭便车Hitchhiking - 搭便车  
7 flashcards
Transports - 交通Transports - 交通  
54 flashcards
Hiking - 爬山Hiking - 爬山  
25 flashcards
Travel agency - 旅行社Travel agency - 旅行社  
36 flashcards
Embassy - 大使馆Embassy - 大使馆  
14 flashcards
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