Chinese loanwords
English中文, 汉语, 漢語

Chinese loanwords
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Interested in knowing which words in Chinese are loanwords from English words? Well you should check this course out!
Did you know that loanwords became common after the reform and opening of China and the increased contact with the West?
This list of words similar to your language will make it easy to remember new vocabularies
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Religion - 宗教Religion - 宗教  
17 flashcards
Science and Health - 科学,健康Science and Health - 科学,健康  
18 flashcards
Food and Drink - 食物,饮料Food and Drink - 食物,饮料  
19 flashcards
Art and Music - 艺术,音乐Art and Music - 艺术,音乐  
18 flashcards
Countries - 国家Countries - 国家  
18 flashcards
Culture, Society and Daily Life - 文化,社会和生活Culture, Society and Daily Life - 文化,社会和生活  
16 flashcards
Brands - 名牌Brands - 名牌  
17 flashcards
Famous Characters - 有名的角色Famous Characters - 有名的角色  
17 flashcards

Chinese loanwords

Have you already learned how to say hello in chinese and are looking for something else? Do you have the basic knowledge of the chinese language and wish to learn something new?

Well, VocApp created this course just for you! Learn chinese through chinese loanwords!

What is a loanword ?

A loanword is a word adopted from a foreign language with little or no modification. However, for the chinese language, chinese loanwords do vary quite a bit, for the alphabet and the pronunciation are very different from most languages. With this chinese course you will be able to learn chinese through the use of chinese loanwords that come from the english language. For example. in this chinese course you will learn chinese words like ‘巧克力’which is the chinese word for ‘chocolate’.

Chinese learning app

With VocApp you will find a new chinese learning app that can help you learn has many chinese words has you want, while providing you with the tools you need to study this foreign language. With VocApp you will find many chinese courses made just for you! Improve your chinese language skills with us and learn the chinese loanwords that can help you in your future!

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