110 frequently used Chinese measure words
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110 frequently used Chinese measure words
Learn the correct measure word for each noun!

Similar to English, when we say “a piece of cake”, Mandarin Chinese has many measure words for different types of objects!
Avoid using the generic measure word 个 for every noun!
Learn the most frequently used ones with this course and quantify a noun with the correct measure word!
Master the Chinese measure words ? 小菜一碟!
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Reasons why you should learn Chinese

As you probably already know, Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, which might also be one of the reasons that motivated you to start this journey. Mandarin is spoken by around 800 million people, but there are also several other dialects in use in China. Still, if you want to be able to communicate with a huge number of people, it’d be probably best to stick with Mandarin. Here’s why you should learn this language:

  • Learn Mandarin to expand your work horizons and have an advantage when doing business in China. After all, China is the second largest economy in the world!
  • For travelling purposes: As you may know, most Chinese do not speak or understand English. On top of that, search engines such as Google do not work in China, the same is true for Google maps. Learn Mandarin and avoid being lost.
  • Do you fear you won’t be up to this new challenge? Well, let me tell you: learning Mandarin is much easier than most people think! There is no subject or verb agreement, no plurals, no tenses and no conjugations! Sounds easy right?
  • The Chinese writing system is quite challenging, but despite its difficulty, knowing how to read and write in Chinese will continuously stimulate your brain and thus improve your memory!
  • Learn Mandarin to understand what lies at the heart of the Chinese civilization, namely its rich heritage of novels, poetry, drama and film!
  • To study abroad: If you plan to study in China you will be required to learn Mandarin there, so why not start now?

The key is consistency!

What are the measure words?

Unlike in English, Chinese does not distinguish between singular and plural, meaning that it is through the context that you can determine whether something is singular or plural. A measure word classifies the type of objects that are being discussed and is very important in Chinese grammar! While in English only some nouns require a measure word, in Chinese every single noun requires one! Even though one generic measure word exists, meaning a measure word that can be used when the actual one is not known, it is better to apply the appropriate measure word to every noun. Do not let the massive amount of measure words freak you out! We compiled this list of frequently used Chinese measure words to help you memorize them through simple examples and consequently improve your Chinese! Our courses also include audio recordings to make sure you correctly pronounce every single character. VocApp provides you with all the needed resources to efficiently learn Mandarin!

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