Chinese Words: Top 300 Adjectives
English中文, 汉语, 漢語

Chinese Words: Top 300 Adjectives
Let’s start making descriptions!

Interested in going to China but you are afraid of spicy food? Now you can say how you want your food!
Saw a beautiful landscape and want to express how beautiful it is? Just say 完美的风景!
Now you can use simple adjectives and advanced ones too!
Do you still think that chinese is hard? Try this course and you’ll see!
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Why you should to learn Chinese?

You most likely already know this, but the Chinese language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. This is mostly due to the fact that today there are around 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers, meaning that by learning Chinese you would be able to cover a fair bit of the world! This sparked your interest, right? Well, learning Chinese certainly does have its perks, especially when you can learn the language online!

  • First of all, given its huge population, the Chinese are involved in many businesses throughout the world, meaning that learning Chinese would open the doors not only to maybe your dream job but also to many business opportunities!
  • Second, the Chinese culture does seem mysterious and quite intriguing. China is renowned for its beautiful poetry, novels and their excellence in film. Just imagine reading and watching those without subtitles!
  • Thirdly, Mandarin is not only spoken in mainland China, but also in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia and many more!
  • On top of that, travelling to China at least once is a must! Learning Chinese will definitely come in handy if you ever do go there, because not that many people actually know how to speak English in China!
  • Finally, seeing as Chinese is a tonal language that uses a huge number of logograms, it will without a doubt keep you busy for quite some time. Still, despite its difficulty, knowing how to read and write in Chinese will continuously stimulate your brain and thus improve your memory!

Why are adjectives important to learn?

When writing a sentence, nouns and verbs are its most important elements. But, to write a better and more complete sentence you need adjectives! Their function is to describe nouns and add meaning to the sentence. Well, with this Chinese Words: Top 300 Adjectives course you will have a list of Chinese adjectives at your disposal and be able to express yourself better! Learn the most important Chinese adjectives as well as their correct pronunciation thanks to our audio recordings. Our linguists also prepared sentence examples for each Chinese adjective in order for you to more easily understand the sentence structure as well as the meaning of each Chinese character! Of course, learning Chinese requires perseverance and commitment, but don't worry, our spaced repetition system will remind you to review the Chinese adjectives you studied. This Chinese Words: Top 300 Adjectives course will allow you to further expand your vocabulary and thus considerably improve your Chinese!

Learn vocabulary effectively

VocApp is the perfect platform to learn Chinese online. Our professional linguists prepared a variety of Chinese courses, which will help you master the language! Why don’t you take a look?

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