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Conversational Chinese
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Introducing oneself - 自我介绍Introducing oneself - 自我介绍  
19 flashcards
Meeting after a long time - 好久不见Meeting after a long time - 好久不见  
12 flashcards
Formal greetings - 正式场合打招呼Formal greetings - 正式场合打招呼  
11 flashcards
Meeting at the market - 在市场Meeting at the market - 在市场  
15 flashcards
Meeting at a bar - 在酒吧Meeting at a bar - 在酒吧  
17 flashcards
Talking about the weather - 天气怎么样Talking about the weather - 天气怎么样  
16 flashcards
Talking at the phone - 打电话Talking at the phone - 打电话  
14 flashcards
Plans for the weekend - 周末打算做什么Plans for the weekend - 周末打算做什么  
14 flashcards
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