German Words: Top 300 Adjectives

German Words: Top 300 Adjectives
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The German adjectives

An adjective is a word that describes other words, making the speech or writing more interesting and specific. It is important to learn the German adjectives in order to know how to describe things and add colour to your speech. There are three types of German adjectives: predicative, attributive and adverbial. The predicative German adjectives and the adverbial ones can relate to a declined or plural masculine, feminine or neuter noun and they never change their form. Predicative German adjectives come afther the verbs bleiben, werden, sein as well as other verbs. Attributive German adjectives come in front of a noun and after the article. They have to be declined according to the gender and the number of the noun. This course will enrich your vocabulary with a list of 300 common and important German adjectives. Here are some examples of useful German adjectives you will learn with this course:

  • 1. falsch = wrong
  • 2. allein = alone
  • 3. groß = big
  • 4. lang = long
  • 5. nett = nice

This list of German adjectives will be useful to you everyday and will make your German vocabulary more rich! The course of German adjectives allows you to achieve great results by learning only 5 minutes a day! Our special Spaced Repetition System will assure you remember 90% of the German adjectives you learn by repeating the difficult vocabulary at the right time! Start learning German today to know more German words tomorrow!

Reasons to learn German

We offer you the resources you need to learn German but if you need more motivation to start, here are some of the reasons to do it right now! Many people think that learning German is too difficult. We are sure it is not! The fact that you speak English already makes it more simple for you to acquire German. This is due to the common Germanic root that these two languages share. Moreover, the German alphabet is very similar to the one we use in English, unlike the Japanese or Russian alphabets. The German language is very important in many fields, including education! Learning German will allow you to study in some of the best universities in the world! You will also have the chance to read genius books and publications in their original versions! Learning German will also be a huge plus to your CV since Germany is home to some important economic players on the global market. We hope you are now motivated and ready to make the dream to speak German come true! Let's start learning German right now!

Continue learning German

Since we are sure that learning German adjectives will be an easy task for you, we've already prepared a list of great German courses to complete your knowledge. Take a look at the German A1 – A2 vocabulary and German Words: Top 500 Verbs courses. They include the German to English translation of important words that will significantly improve your German vocabulary. These courses will teach you travel phrases in German, how to ask for diections and transport vocabulary, the numbers and colours, the months and seasons, the most useful pronouns and prepositions, the most common German verbs and many more things! VocApp makes the challenge of learning German fun and easy!