Business German - HR

Business German - HR
A specialised course for all job seekers, employees and employers

Would you like to communicate smoothly in German for professional purposes? It is nothing difficult!
This course contains current terminology related to human resources management – starting from the recruitment, through topics such as the employment, remuneration, training, development and ending with safety at work
Learn idioms and expressions specific for human resources sector which enhance your speaking skills in German
This course allows you to present yourself in a professional way in a business meeting or in a job interview
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General terms - Allgemeine BegriffeGeneral terms - Allgemeine Begriffe  
90 flashcards
Applying for a job - StellenbewerbungApplying for a job - Stellenbewerbung  
92 flashcards
Employment - BeschäftigungEmployment - Beschäftigung  
94 flashcards
Training and motivating - Schulung und MotivierenTraining and motivating - Schulung und Motivieren  
118 flashcards
Employees - MitarbeiterEmployees - Mitarbeiter  
63 flashcards
Payment and benefits - Verdienst und LeistungenPayment and benefits - Verdienst und Leistungen  
102 flashcards
Development - EntwicklungDevelopment - Entwicklung  
68 flashcards
Problems and discipline - Probleme und DisziplinProblems and discipline - Probleme und Disziplin  
121 flashcards
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HR expressions

Preparing for a job interview in German? Discover our German HR glossary that will help you understand HR expressions and terms easily. In this HR word list you'll find professional terms as well as HR jargon . Get to know over a hundred human resource keywords and master HR German expressions quickly. Communicate with your German speaker collegues or job seekers using these HR terms and concepts with the help of our useful HR expressions and definitions course.

Useful HR expressions and definitions

Study these HR expressions and become proficient in HR jargon . Understand your international collegues better and conduct quality interviews with foreign job-seekers using these HR word list . Now understanding HR terms and concepts became easier with definitions and examples of use of HR German expressions are provided in this list. Here is a list of most popular Hr expressions that you can start using right now! Discover multiple HR terms and concepts in one course. We provide definitions and examples of use for all these HR terms to make sure you understand and use them correctly. This list is created for HR professionals who want to go international and communicate with foreign collegues and job-seekers. Start learning German for HR professionals today!

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