Business German - IT

Business German - IT
This course will improve significantly your understanding of IT texts and documentation in German

Learn the most up-to-date vocabulary connected to IT, including terms related to the user interface, programming, hardware and software
Develop your language skills and learn terminology used in a dynamic and innovative IT industry
Gain more confidence as a user of applications and the internet
Learn IT vocabulary in context through practical and accurate examples.
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Hardware - HardwareHardware - Hardware  
41 flashcards
User interface - BenutzeroberflächeUser interface - Benutzeroberfläche  
70 flashcards
Programming - ProgrammierenProgramming - Programmieren  
54 flashcards
Internet - InternetInternet - Internet  
15 flashcards
IT services - IT-DienstleistungenIT services - IT-Dienstleistungen  
15 flashcards
IT security - IT-SicherheitIT security - IT-Sicherheit  
26 flashcards
IT jobs - Jobs in der IT-BrancheIT jobs - Jobs in der IT-Branche  
11 flashcards
Computer networks - ComputernetzwerkeComputer networks - Computernetzwerke  
11 flashcards
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