Business German - Customer Service

Business German - Customer Service
Professional customer service in German

Professional communication is a key success factor in the customer service – learn German to understand better expectations and issues of your German-speaking customers
Start with basic vocabulary and then enhance your speaking skills to communicate with your customers in typical situations such as purchasing, deliveries, billing, dealing with complaints or servicing
The course contains also mini-dialogues reflecting the most common issues and requests reported by customers
This course is addressed not only to people working in customer service roles but also to all customers using online services or buying products in other countries
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Business German - Customer service

Would you like to study a Business German course? Can't you find a different course from the traditional German grammar ones? VocApp brings you what you're looking for so you can start focusing on your priorities now! A business German course particularly made for those of you interested in customer service training. Focus on your professional career and start learning business German. Access this customer service training course and learn German so as to fulfil your real-life goals. Customer service training is not actually a piece of cake, you will need to master many other things apart from German grammar. Once you learned this lesson, it would be recommended to take a look at the rest of the Business German course so as to get to know a lot of essential vocabulary for your professional career apart from customer service training.

Here are some examples of Business German vocabulary you will learn with this course:

  • 1. an appealing offer = ein ansprechendes Angebot
  • 2. to place an order = eine Bestellung aufgeben
  • 3. pricing strategy = die Preispolitik
  • 4. misleading advertising = die irreführende Werbung
  • 5. I'm putting you through to the logistics department. = Ich verbinde Sie gerade mit der Logistikabteilung.

Is VocApp good enough?

Is it good? According to many users, it is the best e-learning tool on the internet. Why? Because we prioritize our user's needs. We're aware of how many people would like to find a good Business german course or customer service training for free. Although most users would like just to learn German, namely: German grammar, VocApp creates courses according to the needs of every single user. That is why we create language courses for specific courses regularly, as for example this Business German one. But you can find this Business German and many more courses available for other languages. Actually, customer service training is just a glimpse of what you can find available at VocApp. Would you like to study a course on medical vocabulary? Tourism? Yes, we have!

Does VocApp offer traditional courses about German grammar?

Of course! Apart from these Business German courses and way more courses for specific purposes, VocApp offers many other courses in order to learn German. Though we know that some of you might be particularly interested in customer service training, you will need to study German grammar first so as to become a fluent German language speaker. That is why we first want to provide you with the basis of the German language.

Thanks to German verbs with prepositions you can overcome common problems with German verbs and its prepositions. Access VocApp in order to check the whole courses catalogue. If willing to continue with this Business German course, you can start now with any of the other lessons available. For instance, Business German - Presentations and make sure your business German knowledge is good enough for your future!