Medical terms in Chinese
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Medical terms in Chinese
Are you studying medicine in China or preparing for an exam? Master the vocabulary with VocApp’s help!

If you are planning to work in the medical field in China, this course was made for you!
Learn some general terms, body parts, the different muscles of the human body, most common diseases and so much more!
You will have access to the translation of over 1500 words, some examples and the correct pronunciation of each word.
Overcome the language barrier and remember the learned words long-term thanks to our spaced repetition system!
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At the doctor's - 在医生At the doctor's - 在医生  
107 flashcards
General terms - 一般词汇General terms - 一般词汇  
64 flashcards
Parts of the body - 身体部位Parts of the body - 身体部位  
84 flashcards
Muscles - 肌肉Muscles - 肌肉  
94 flashcards
Bones - 骨Bones - 骨  
117 flashcards
Teeth - 牙Teeth - 牙  
55 flashcards
Circulatory system - 循环系统Circulatory system - 循环系统  
106 flashcards
Respiratory system - 呼吸系统Respiratory system - 呼吸系统  
51 flashcards
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