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to walk right into a trap
Meaning: to fall prey to some trap or deception
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ins offene Messer laufen
Literally: to run into the open knife
like the clappers
Meaning: very fast
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in einem Affentempo
Literally: at a monkey’s speed
to pass the buck to someone
Meaning: shift the responsibility for something to someone else
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jemandem etwas in die Schuhe schieben
Literally: to push something into someone's shoes
to kick the bucket
Meaning: to die
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ins Gras beißen
Literally: to bite into the grass
to not have the foggiest idea
Meaning: to have no idea at all
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keinen blassen Schimmer haben
Literally: to not have a pale glimmer
to dump someone
Meaning: to end a relationship with someone
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jemandem den Laufpass geben
Literally: to give someone their certificate of discharge
butter wouldn’t melt (in one’s mouth)
Meaning: to appear innocent or reserved in certain company, when in fact one may have the opposite demeanor
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kein Wässerchen trüben können
Literally: to not be able to cloud a bit of water
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