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to be under the thumb
Meaning: to be controlled or dominated by someone
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unter dem Pantoffel stehen
Literally: to stand under the slipper
to be in cahoots
Meaning: to be working secretly with another person or group, especially in order to do something dishonest
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unter einer Decke stecken
Literally: to be under one blanket
to go to the dogs
Meaning: to deteriorate shockingly
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vor die Hunde gehen
Literally: to go before the dogs
to be the icing on the cake
Meaning: something that makes a good situation even better
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das Tüpfelchen auf dem i sein
Literally: to be the little dot on the ‘i’
to tie the knot
Meaning: to get married
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unter die Haube kommen
Literally: to come under the bonnet
to be blind to something
Meaning: to completely fail to notice or realize something
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Tomaten auf den Augen haben
Literally: to have tomatoes on one’s eyes
to get/catch wind of something
Meaning: to learn of or hear a rumor about something
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von etwas Wind bekommen
Literally: to get wind of something
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