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That’s a whole other story.
Meaning: to be completely different; to not be relevant
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Das ist ein Kapitel für sich.
Literally: That’s a chapter of its own.
to be out of question
Meaning: completely impossible or unacceptable
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Das kommt mir nicht in die Tüte.
Literally: That doesn’t go in my bag.
That’s Greek to me.
Meaning: a way of saying that you do not understand something that is said or written
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Das kommt mir spanisch vor.
Literally: That seems Spanish to me.
to be like chalk and cheese
Meaning: to be completely different from each other
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Das sind zwei Paar Schuhe.
Literally: These are two pairs of shoes.
to be up to no good
Meaning: to plan to do something bad
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Böses im Schilde führen
Literally: to lead evil in the shield
to give someone a dressing-down
Meaning: to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong
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jemandem die Ohren langziehen
Literally: to stretch someone's ears
to be illegible
Meaning: to be very difficult to read (because of the handwriting)
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Das kann kein Schwein lesen.
Literally: No pig can read that.
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