Зимние выражения - Russian winter expressions - figurative meaning

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Холод не терпит голод.
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Hunger makes the cold worse.
This expression gives a piece of advice: the key to survive Russian cold is keeping your belly full.
It literally means that hunger can't tolerate the cold.
Баня – мать вторая или мать родная.
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The banja is your second, or even first, Mother.
Banja is the old Russian sauna and Russians are really attached to banjas.
Голод заставляет работать, а холод - бегать.
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Hunger makes you work, and cold makes you run.
It means that hunger pushes you to work more to earn more and satiate you hunger, while cold weather can also motivate you to exercise more to warm yourself up.
Холод, хоть волков морозь.
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This cold can freeze wolves.
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