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The TRKI test

As you probably already know, TRKI is the exam for Russian as a foreign language that demonstrates the language abilities of a person that studies Russian. This Russian proficiency test comprises 6 levels, from basic to advanced. Each of the TRKI tests includes 5 subtests that last for 30-90 minutes, depending on the level and difficulty. TRKI's subtests include grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. The Grammar part is made of 80 - 165 multiple choice questions, the Reading includes one or several texts and 20-30 multiple-choice questions. In the Writing section, you will have 1-3 tasks and will have to write on specific topics. In Listening, you will watch video clips or listen to audio clips to answer to 20 - 30 multiple-choice questions. The Speaking part of TRKI includes a conversation with an examiner. You can register for this Russian proficiency test online. It costs around 65-110 euro depending on the date of the enrollment and the level. The TRKI test usually takes 2 days. In the first, you will sit all of your written parts and in the second - the listening and speaking.

Russian proficiency test - preparation materials

You can find official TRKI preparation materials online and many additional courses and vocabulary lists that can be useful. One of them is our professional TRKI course that can be used as a great way to recall the main vocabulary and to prepare for TRKI or another Russian test, for example, it can be used during the TORFL preparation. What makes our course special is that it includes a vast vocabulary (600 words) and several exercises to test your knowledge. 2 exercises will test your understanding of the actual meaning of the sentences presented. This test will help you prepare to get a certificate in the Russian language by revising useful vocabulary. Our flashcards will introduce you to each of the words along with their translation and example sentences. You will also practice your Russian pronunciation to impress the examiner during your Russian test. Here are some of the words you will learn with this course dedicated to the TRKI Russian competence test:

  • разгромить = to crush
  • непосредственно = directly
  • напряжённый = tense
  • неизменно = firmly
  • передовой = advanced

Continue preparing for your Russian proficiency test

We are sure you will find our TRKI course to be interesting and useful. There are many more courses that were prepared by our professional linguists to help you master Russian for the TRKI exam. Take a look at the course Russian Words: Top 1000 Nouns that includes a lot of vocabulary to help you be able to discuss any topic. Also, we advise you to use our Russian idioms and aphorisms course to prepare for the TRKI exam. It presents many figurative expressions and commonly used Russian phrases that can be extremely useful if you're taking an advanced Russian proficiency test. Prepare for your TRKI test in a fast and efficient way! Learn vocabulary with VocApp's flashcards and excel at any Russian proficiency test!