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Business Russian - Presentations
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Introduction - ВступлениеIntroduction - Вступление  
13 flashcards
Topic - ТемаTopic - Тема  
14 flashcards
Giving the outline of your presentation - Обрисовывая план вашей презентацииGiving the outline of your presentation - Обрисовывая план вашей презе...  
24 flashcards
Introducing your first main point - Представляя свой первый главный пунктIntroducing your first main point - Представляя свой первый главный пункт  
11 flashcards
Referring to research - Ссылаясь на исследованиеReferring to research - Ссылаясь на исследование  
12 flashcards
Referring to visual data - Ссылаясь на визуальные данныеReferring to visual data - Ссылаясь на визуальные данные  
13 flashcards
Presenting a point of view - Представляя точку зренияPresenting a point of view - Представляя точку зрения  
15 flashcards
Emphasizing important point - Подчёркивая важный моментEmphasizing important point - Подчёркивая важный момент  
11 flashcards
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Reasons to learn Russian business vocabulary

There are many benefits of learning Russian business vocabulary. Not only you will be able to make a Russian presentation using your knowledge during your work in a Russian company but will learn some useful Russian phrases to use when talking to your colleagues. Here are some more reasons to start learning Russian business vocabulary right now:

  • First of all, Russian business vocabulary is a very important tool for the success of your career if you're working in a Russian company.
  • Learning Russian business vocabulary will give you an advantage while negotiating different business deals with Russian companies.
  • If you travel for work purposes to Russia, I'll be really nice of you to learn some Russian business vocabulary and demonstrate your partners your respect to their language and culture.
  • Learning Russian business vocabulary for work will facilitate communication and help you express your thoughts to Russian employees.
  • If you will know Russian business vocabulary, this will be an advantage in your CV that will attract employers because Russian is an important language in the world of business.

How to learn Russian easily

If you want to learn this language to give a Russian presentation or to use Russian business vocabulary at work, the best method to do it is by using our efficient flashcards. VocApp's flashcards contain everything you need in order to learn Russian business vocabulary. Each of the flashcards will introduce you to a Russian word or a Russian phrase used in the business environment, their Russian to English translation, sentences that will demonstrate examples of use and of course, the Russian pronunciation. The Spaced Repetition System will help you remember the new Russian words in Russian phrases forever. You can download the lessons of the course in order to learn vocabulary for a Russian presentation wherever and whenever you want. This course covers some of the most important topics of Russian business vocabulary: it will teach you how to do an introduction for a Russian presentation, how to present your topic, how to refer to research, explain your point of view, offer recommendations and deal with difficult questions. Moreover, you will learn useful verbs and master asking questions in Russian.

Continue learning business Russian

There are many interesting and useful Russian business vocabulary courses on VocApp. If you liked this course and feel motivated to learn more, proceed to the course Business Russian - IT to learn important and commonly used vocabulary for the IT industry. We also advise you to take a look at the Small talk in Russian course that includes some of the most important Russian words and phrases to use in work environment, for example, typical questions and answers, greetings in Russian, vocabulary to talk about current events, conference vocabulary and not only. Use our efficient method to study business vocabulary fast and easy! Our multisensorial flashcards will make studying Russian business vocabulary as efficient as possible! You will remember new Russian words and phrases in no time! Try it right now and see yourself!