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Medical Russian
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At the doctor's - У врачаAt the doctor's - У врача  
108 flashcards
General terms - Общая терминологияGeneral terms - Общая терминология  
67 flashcards
Parts of the body - Части телаParts of the body - Части тела  
84 flashcards
Muscles - МышцыMuscles - Мышцы  
94 flashcards
Bones - СкелетBones - Скелет  
117 flashcards
Teeth - ЗубыTeeth - Зубы  
57 flashcards
Circulatory system - Сердечно-сосудистая системаCirculatory system - Сердечно-сосудистая система  
106 flashcards
Respiratory system - Респираторная системаRespiratory system - Респираторная система  
52 flashcards
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Learn medical Russian

Whether you want to work in a hospital or study medicine in Russia, you will need to know the main medical terminology in Russian to be able to understand others and express your thoughts. This medical Russian course includes the main vocabulary on topics such as important words and phrases (how to say doctor in Russian), body parts in Russian, muscles, bones, teeth, circulatory, respiratory, digestive system vocabulary, etc. Each of the flashcards includes the medical Russian vocabulary along with its translation and pronunciation in Russian, so you could practice and master it. This medical Russian course includes over 1700 of useful words and phrases to use when you visit a doctor or if you work in a hospital.

How to learn words from the English Russian medical dictionary?

Learning medical terms is not easy itself while learning them in a foreign language can be even more difficult. Don't worry, we've prepared some tips for you to remember the medical Russian vocabulary easier:

  • 1. You can simply associate a picture in your imagination to a new word of the medical Russian vocabulary. This will help you remember new vocabulary fast and be able to recall it whenever you need it.
  • 2. Break the word into syllables and slowly try to pronounce it. Then, practice pronouncing it faster. Learning wrong pronunciation is dangerous, because you may not even realize that you got used to incorrectly pronouncing a word and that you are doing it for a long time.
  • 3. Learn with visuals! You can use shows, games or videos to make it easier for you to understand the medical Russian terminology.
  • 4. Study the Latin roots! Many of the medical Russian words are taken from Latin so if you'll learn the roots, it will be easier for you to understand a vast range of words by just deducting their meaning.
  • 5. Create your flashcards OR what's easier - use flashcards that were already created for you! The VocApp's medical Russian course is perfect if you don't want to use your time by writing vocabulary lists or creating flashcards yourself! Everything is ready to be used, just start the course and learn words from the English Russian medical dictionary wherever you are and whenever you want! You can also download the flashcards as MP3 and listen to them on the go! Can learning vocabulary from the English Russian medical dictionary be easier?

Want to learn more Russian?

Our professional linguists created many other courses besides this medical Russian one. Take a look at the Russian Words: Top 1000 Nouns, Russian Words: Top 500 Verbs and Russian Words: Top 300 Adjectives courses. They include the main Russian vocabulary to learn if you want to be able to speak in Russian on many other topics. Our Spaced Repetition System and fun flashcards with pronunciation will help you learn Russian effectively and quickly!