Выражения с частями тела - Russian expressions related to body parts - figurative meaning

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Становиться на ноги.
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To be on track.
It is used to say that someone is getting well or became self-sufficient again.
It literally means "to stand on one’s own feet".
Руки не доходят.
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I can’t find the time.
It is used when you have to do something but you make excuses to avoid doing it.
It literally means "my hands don’t reach it".
Смотреть сквозь пальцы.
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To turn a blind eye to something / on someone.
It means ignoring something /someone.
It literally means "to look through one’s fingers".
Уходить с головой.
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To fall down the rabbit hole for some reason / something.
It means "to be fully immersed in something / to be caught up in something".
The literal meaning is "to leave with your head"
Глаза разбегаются.
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An embarrassment of riches
It means that you have so many choices, that you don't know where to look.
The literal translation is "eyes scatter /divide".
Взять себя в руки.
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To pull oneself together.
It can be used to tell someone to compose themselves emotionally or just improve their current situation.
The literal translation is "to take oneself in one’s hands".
Смотреть правде в глаза.
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To face the music / To face the truth.
It literally means "to look the truth in the eye".
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