Выражения показывающие русскую душу - Expressions that show the Russian soul

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Муж – голова, а жена – шея.
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The husband may rule the family, but the wife rules the husband.
It literally means “a husband is a head, a wife is a neck”.
Голод – не тётка, пирожка не поднесёт.
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Hunger is ruthless.
This expression is used when someone is doing something or eating something only because of a strong hunger.
It literally means "hunger is no auntie, it will not give you a pie".
Краткость – сестра таланта.
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Brevity is the soul of wit.
This expression praises the ability to be concise.
The literal translation is "brevity is a sister of talent”.
Игра не стоит свеч.
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It's not worth the risk.
The literal translation is "the game isn’t worth the candles"
Бальзам на душу!
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A sight for sore eyes!
This expression refers to something really pleasing, especially if something bad happened previously.
It literally means “a balm for the soul”.
У страха глаза велики.
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Scary things always look bigger through the eyes of fear.
This means that when you are scared of something, your mind will make it bigger and even scarier than it really is.
It literally means "the fear has big eyes".
Делу – время, потехе – час.
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Work now, fun later. / Do not indulge yourself with too much fun, you have to go back to work.
This expression is used to make a person understand that her / his break has been a bit too long and he / she needs to go back to work.
The literal translation of this expression would be "time is for business, hour is for fun".
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