Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs

Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs
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About the Turkish language

The Turkish language is an official language in Turkey, Cyprus and Nothern Cyprus, while over 17 million people speak it as a second language. It is also spoken in the countries that surround Turkey, as Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and in the other parts of Europe. The Turkish language is part of the Oghuz branch of the family of Turkic languages. Turkish words have similarities with Gagauz, Azerbaijan and Qashqai, meaning that if you'll know Turkish, it will be easier for you to learn these languages. Before 1928, a version of the Arabian script was used in Turkish. In 1928, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who wanted to modernize Turkey, replaced the Arabic script with an alphabet similar to Latin. Many people are passionate about learning Turkish because it is such a unique and beautiful language. The Turkish language is an agglutinative language, which means that many complex words and phrases are formed by adding suffixes and prefixes. If you will understand the roots of the words, it will be easier for you to form other words and enrich your vocabulary. Turkish represents a large economy, it is the language that will allow you to learn more history, anthropology and archaeology and understand a totally different culture. Learn Turkish with our professional courses to achieve the results you dream of in no time!

Learn Turkish verbs

Verbs are very important in all languages. They are used to describe actions or motion and are the most important part of a sentence. Without the verbs, a sentence just cannot exist. This course will teach you 500 of the most common verbs in Turkish. Our linguists chose the most important and useful Turkish verbs to create this course. These Turkish verbs will significantly develop your Turkish language skills and make your Turkish vocabulary more rich. The Turkish verbs will help you in many situations and will allow you to express many actions. Learning these Turkish verbs will be easy thanks to our special language learning method. The flashcards will present you the Turkish verbs along with their Turkish to English translation, example sentences, pictures and pronunciation. This will help you understand the Turkish verbs, how are they used and pronounced. Also, the sentences will teach you Turkish verb conjugation. Here are some examples of Turkish verbs we included in this course:

  • 1. hatırlamak = to remember
  • 2. yakmak = to burn
  • 3. tamir etmek = to fix
  • 4. inşa etmek = to build
  • 5. dinlemek = to listen

It is easy to see that we included the most important Turkish verbs in this course. Start learning Turkish right now to make your dream to speak Turkish come true!

Turkish resources

We offer you an effective method to learn Turkish with our professional courses. Our linguists prepared an entire collection of Turkish resources of the best quality to help you learn Turkish. The flashcards make learning Turkish fun and easy! Master the Turkish verbs and continue with our other courses of common Turkish words: Turkish Words: Top 1000 Nouns and Turkish Words: Top 300 Adjectives. Learning Turkish verbs along with the common nouns and adjectives of this language will complete your vocabulary and help you start forming your own sentences in Turkish. More than that, we have a course dedicated to common Turkish phrases and words - Turkish in 1 day. This course will teach you how to ask something in Turkish, the days and months, courtesy phrases and many more things. Learning Turkish has never been that easy! Start learning it with VocApp and impress the natives by speaking their language!