Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs 176 - 200

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to repair
Dad repaired my bicycle.
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tamir etmek
Babam bisikletimi tamir etti.
to meet
Can we meet tomorrow?
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Yarın buluşabilir miyiz?
to discover
It was Vikings that discovered America, not Columbus.
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Amerika'yı Vikingler keşfetti, Columbus değil.
to produce
This factory produces tons of chocolate every day.
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Bu fabrika her gün tonlarca çikolata üretiyor.
to accept
Have they accepted the rules?
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kabul etmek
Kuralları kabul ettiler mi?
to enter
I enter the office and make myself a coffee.
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Ofise girerim ve kendime bir kahve yaparım.
to decide
She couldn't decide which dress to buy.
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karar vermek
Hangi elbiseyi alacağına karar veremedi.
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