Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs 51 - 75

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to look after
also: to look
Will you look after me when I get old?
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Yaşlandığımda bana bakacak mısın?
to cough
My husband was coughing so loudly that he woke me up.
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Kocam o kadar yüksek sesle öksürüyordu ki beni uyandırdı.
to exceed
The results exceeded my expectations.
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üzerinde olmak
Sonuçlar beklediğimin üzerindeydi.
to defend
We should defend human rights.
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İnsan haklarını savunmalıyız.
to sign
Everybody needs to sign the list.
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Herkesin listeyi imzalaması gerek.
to answer
I have to answer customers' inquiries.
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Müşterilerin sorularını yanıtlamam gerek.
to bring
Bring me some apples from the garden.
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Bana bahçeden biraz elma getir.
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