Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs 101 - 125

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to hold
Hold my hand!
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Elimi tut!
to be pregnant
I got pregnant when I was 25.
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hamile kalmak
25 yaşındayken hamile kalmıştım.
to stand up
Stand up when I'm talking to you!
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ayağa kalkmak
Seninle konuşurken ayağa kalk!
to admire
I've always admired that woman.
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hayran olmak
Bu kadına her zaman hayran olmuşumdur.
to negotiate
Come back when you are ready to negotiate.
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müzakere etmek
Müzakere etmeye hazır olduğunda geri gel.
to turn on
also: to open
Turn on the light, I can't see anything!
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Işığı aç, hiçbir şey göremiyorum.
to present
I present you my latest invention.
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Size en son keşfimi sunuyorum.
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