Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs 226 - 250

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to expect
also: to wait
I expected you to come.
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Gelmeni bekledim.
to resume
He resumed his work after he finished talking with his mom.
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devam etmek
Annesiyle konuşmayı bitirdikten sonra işine devam etti.
to trust
Don't trust anyone in this company.
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Bu şirketteki kimseye güvenme.
to submit
Have you submitted your program for approval?
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ibraz etmek
Programını onay için ibraz ettin mi?
to deliver
A courier will deliver my new TV.
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teslim etmek
Bir kurye yeni televizyonumu teslim edecek.
to buy
Katie has bought a new car.
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satın almak
Katie yeni bir araba satın aldı.
to fight
Don't try to fight your destiny.
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Kaderinle savaşmaya çalışma.
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