Turkish: day 2

Turkish: day 2
It’s time to get to know the most important phrases!

Are you interested in this unique language?
Do you want to speak one of the most difficult languages in the world?
Learn from the basics!
Surprise the locals and bargain in Turkish: İndirim yapar mısınız?
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Useful verbs - Yaygın fiilerUseful verbs - Yaygın fiiler  
11 flashcards
Numbers - SayılarNumbers - Sayılar  
32 flashcards
And, or, from, because... - bağlaçlarAnd, or, from, because... - bağlaçlar  
16 flashcards
Places - yer-mekanPlaces - yer-mekan  
26 flashcards
Adjectives - sıfatlarAdjectives - sıfatlar  
26 flashcards
Colours - renklerColours - renkler  
10 flashcards
Useful phrases - Kullanışlı ifadelerUseful phrases - Kullanışlı ifadeler  
18 flashcards
Basic grammar - Temel dilbilgisiBasic grammar - Temel dilbilgisi  
12 flashcards

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Interesting facts about the Turkish language

The Turkish language is a Turkic language, spoken by over 70 million people globally. It was influenced by such languages as French and Arabic. A special characteristic of the Turkish language is that it's an agglutinative language, meaning that in order to form a phrase, you will need to add prefixes and suffixes instead of words. Also, there are two classes of vowels in Turkish: hard and soft vowels. The final vowel of the root word decides whether it will be followed by a suffix with soft or hard vowels. This is called vowel harmony. There is no grammatical gender in Turkish, as well, nouns don't have cases in Turkish which makes it easier to learn basic Turkish. More than 80% of the Turkish vocabulary is of Turkish origin but there are also words that come from other languages. It's time to get to practice and learn some basic Turkish! It's not as difficult as you think and our flashcards will prove it to you!

Learn basic Turkish

Turkey is a major political force and a big player in international relations and business. Learning Turkish will bring greater opportunities in your career and studies. If you will know basic Turkish, you will travel, meet new people and learn more about the Turkish culture. The easiest way to learn basic Turkish is with our multisensory learning method and our flashcards. This course was created by professional linguists who want to introduce you to basic Turkish and who included useful Turkish phrases and words on several topics:

  • 1. Useful verbs as düşünmek, kalkmak and more
  • 2. Numbers in order to help you learn to count in Turkish
  • 3. Useful Turkish phrases so you will know how to say that you need help or how to buy a ticket
  • 4. Places and building names
  • 5. Basic grammar (the word order, the possessive form and more)

This course includes many more Turkish phrases on different topics. Proceed to learning in order to enrich your basic Turkish vocabulary and be able to start a Turkish conversation yourself!

More Turkish flashcards

This is not the only basic Turkish course we have on our site! There is the Turkish in 1 day course that includes basic Turkish vocabulary such as courtesy phrases, days and months and more! If you want to learn Turkish on a more advanced level, take a look at our Turkish Words: Top 500 Verbs course that will help you master the most important and commonly used Turkish verbs! This will allow you to form your own sentences or Turkish phrases! You can continue with the courses of Turkish nouns and adjectives to significantly improve your Turkish! Learn basic Turkish with VocApp and impress your friends and family!