Turkish in 1 day

Turkish in 1 day
Learn the basics of Turkish language!

Get to know how Turkish people speak in daily life
Feel more confident in Turkey, impress your Turkish friends
See the warm smile of Turkish people when you use these examples
Kolay gelsin! (Find out the meaning in this course :))
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10 words in 60 seconds - 60 saniyede 10 kelime10 words in 60 seconds - 60 saniyede 10 kelime  
10 flashcards
You already know that:) - Bunları zaten biliyorsunuz:)You already know that:) - Bunları zaten biliyorsunuz:)  
10 flashcards
Questions - SorularQuestions - Sorular  
10 flashcards
Courtesy Phrases - Nezaket CümleleriCourtesy Phrases - Nezaket Cümleleri  
22 flashcards
People - KişilerPeople - Kişiler  
30 flashcards
Activities - AktivitelerActivities - Aktiviteler  
16 flashcards
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Okul kitaplarından tipik bir konuşma:)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Okul kitaplarından ti...  
15 flashcards
Days and Months - Günler ve AylarDays and Months - Günler ve Aylar  
19 flashcards
Çevirisi zor - UntraslatableÇevirisi zor - Untraslatable  
11 flashcards

Reasons to learn Turkish

Turkey is a beautiful country with an interesting history, some of the best dishes and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites on its land, including Ephesus, an ancient city built in the 10th century BC that was an Asian church in the Book of Revelation. On the territory of Turkey is the Archaeological Site of Troy, one of the most known in the entire world, and many more famous sites. This influences many people interested in culture and history to learn Turkish for beginners in order to visit and explore these famous places. The Turkish film industry and music are known in many countries and are a reason why many people start learning Turkish for beginners. Many tourists are curious to learn Turkish for beginners in order to speak to the locals and to facilitate their trips. This is why our linguists prepared this course of Turkish for beginners. No matter what your reason to learn Turkish for beginners is, you found a great resource to start!

About this course of Turkish for beginners

Our linguists chose the most important Turkish words and phrases and created this useful course. It includes flashcards lessons of Turkish for beginners on many interesting topics. Each of the flashcards will present you a Turkish word or phrase along with its Turkish to English translation and of course, its Turkish pronunciation. This way, using multisensory learning, you will fastly remember new Turkish words and enrich your vocabulary with this Turkish for beginners course. Here are some of the things you will learn with this course of Turkish for beginners:

  • 1. Question words, how to form the most typical questions
  • 2. Pronouns in order to be able to speak about people
  • 3. Courtesy phrases, which are very important and useful in Turkish for beginners
  • 4. Days and months to speak about history, your life, to plan something in Turkish
  • 5. Untranslatable Turkish words explained by our linguists

These and many more things are waiting for you to learn them! Proceed to the course to start learning Turkish for beginners and be prepared for your upcoming trip to Turkey or a conversation with a Turkish native. What are you waiting for? Let's start learning Turkish words and phrases now!

Want more Turkish courses?

This course has a continuation - Turkish: day 2. It includes even more useful Turkish words, as the common adjectives, numbers in Turkish, useful verbs and phrases. It will also teach you the colours in Turkish and some basic grammar. If you want to learn even more about the Turkish culture, proceed to the Turkish daily life and culture. It is a perfect introduction to the most important ideas and aspects of life in Turkey, events, authors, movies and places to visit. Moreover, it will teach you what to do and what not to in Turkey! Learn Turkish for beginners and discover the Turkish culture easily with VocApp!