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Kolay gelsin.
Yarın sınavın mı var? Kolay gelsin.
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Good luck.
Literally: "May it be easy"/ "Have an easy work!" (you can also use it to greet someone in a shop when you enter)
Do you have an exam tomorrow? May it be easy.
Eline sağlık.
Çorba çok lezzetli. Eline sağlık.
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Bless your hands.
This soup is delicious. Bless your hands.
Güle güle kullanın.
Yeni arabanızı güle güle kullanın.
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Use it with happiness.
Use your new car with happiness.
Buraya gel lan!
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(slang) hey, oi, dude
Hey you! Come here!
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(Response to welcome) We're glad to be here.
Thank you. We're glad to be here.
Hakkını helal et
Hakkını helal et. Bana zor günlerimde çok yardımcı oldun.
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Thanks for everything you have done for me and forgive me if I caused you any trouble.
Thanks for everything. You helped me a lot during my difficult times.
Hayırlı olsun
Yeni eviniz hayırlı olsun.
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Congratulations. Good luck with it.
Congratulations for your new house.
Geçmiş olsun
Geçmiş olsun. Ne zaman taburcu oluyorsun?
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Get well soon.
Get well soon. When do you leave the hospital?
Karım hamileleği sırasında hep erik aşerdi.
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to crave certain food as a pregnant woman
My wife craved for plumbs during her pregnancy.
Ölümü gör
Ölümü gör, bu paraya kabul et.
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an idiom to express insistence in informal way
literally means "see my death"
Accept this money or see my dead body next time.
Biraz keyif yapmayı hakkettin.
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You deserved some pleasure time.

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