Time to say goodnight (dialogues) - Ora della buonanotte (dialoghi)

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Can I stay up for a little longer?
Shall I tell you a story?
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Posso rimanere sveglio ancora un po'?
Devo raccontarti una storia?
Can I sleep with the light on?
Of course, a kiss goodnight?
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Posso dormire con la luce accesa?
Certo, bacio della buonanotte?
Can you leave the light on?
Sure, sweet dreams.
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Puoi lasciare la luce accesa?
Certo, sogni d'oro.
Can I listen to a story?
Which one?
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Posso ascoltare una storia?
I can't sleep.
Shall we count sheep together?
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Non riesco a dormire.
Contiamo assieme le pecore?
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