At the zoo (dialogues) - Allo zoo (dialoghi)

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What is this one doing?
It is cleaning itself.
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Che sta facendo questo qui?
Si sta pulendo.
I want to see a polar bear.
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Voglio vedere un orso polare.
What are they doing?
They are eating.
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Che stanno facendo?
Stanno mangiando.
Are they dangerous?
I don't know.
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Sono pericolosi?
Non lo so.
I would like to see the pandas.
They are over there!
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Mi piacerebbe vedere i panda.
Sono lì!
Can I move closer?
Be careful!
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Posso avvicinarmi?
Sta' attento!
I'd like to see the sharks.
Are you sure?!
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Vorrei vedere gli squali.
Sei sicuro?!
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