Shopping (dialogues) - Shopping (dialoghi)

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Can I take a look at the model aircrafts?
Let's buy them.
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Posso dare un'occhiata a questi aeroplanini?
I'd like to buy these blocks.
OK. Put them into the trolley.
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Vorrei comprare questi blocchi.
Ok. Mettili nel trolley.
When are we going to the shops?
Do you need something for kindergarten?
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Quando abbiamo intenzione di andare in giro per negozi?
Ti serve qualcosa per l'asilo?
Can I buy a football?
Well, perhaps not right now.
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Posso comprare un pallone da calcio?
Be', forse non in questo preciso momento.
I want to buy some sweets with my pocket money.
You don't have enough money...
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Vorrei comprare dei dolci con la mia paghetta.
Non hai abbastanza soldi...
Can we get some chocolate?
Well, OK.
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Possiamo prendere della cioccolata?
Beh, ok.
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