In the bathroom (dialogues) - In bagno (dialoghi)

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Do I have to take a bath?
Of course you do, sweetheart.
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Devo farmi il bagno?
Certo, tesoro.
I want to use my toothpaste.
Here you are.
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Voglio usare il mio dentifricio.
Ecco a te.
Can I have a bubble bath today?
Sure, get in the bathtub.
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Posso farmi un bagno con le bolle oggi?
Certo, entra nella vasca.
Can I play with my rubber duck?
Sure, honey. Just let me rinse your hair.
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Posso giocare con la mia paperella?
Certo, tesoro. Lascia solo che ti sciacqui i capelli.
Can you wash my ears?
Surely you can do it yourself.
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Puoi lavarmi le orecchie?
Sicuramente puoi farlo da solo.
Can you brush my hair?
Sure, where is the brush?
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Mi puoi spazzolare i capelli?
Certo, dov'è la spazzola?
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