Having fun (dialogues) - Divertirsi (dialoghi)

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When are we going to draw together?
After dinner.
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Quando disegneremo assieme?
Dopo cena.
Will you watch the bedtime cartoon with me?
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Guarderai il cartone della buonanotte con me?
Can I play on the computer for 15 minutes?
No problem.
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Posso giocare al computer per 15 minuti?
Nessun problema.
I don't know what to do with this.
Throw it away.
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Non so cosa farci.
Gettalo via.
What shall I do with these blocks?
Pick them up and put them in the box.
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Cosa dovrei fare con questi blocchi?
Raccoglili e mettili nella scatola.
Can I watch TV before we eat?
No problem.
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Posso guardare la TV prima di mangiare?
Nessun problema.
Can I put this here?
Give it to me. We'll put it in the wardrobe.
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Posso metterlo qui?
Dallo a me. Lo metteremo nel guardaroba.
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