Spanglish in a Minute.

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Me gusta nadar en lo hondo de la picina.
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I like to swim in the deep end of the pool.
Un día pasarás a la parte profunda de la piscina.
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One day you will pass to the deep end of the pool.
de hecho.
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actually, in fact.
estar de moda.
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to be in fashion.
pretender hacer algo. --- (setear afuera a hacer algo).
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to set out to do something.
Es verdad que no deberías estar agobiado.
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It is true that you should not be overwhelmed.
justo al principio. (DERECHO A LA ESTRELLA).
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right at the start.
Al menos hasta la cintura.
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At least up to the waist.
no te quedes al borde.
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Don’t stay at the edge.
Pero mientrastanto.
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But meanwhile, or in the meantime.
el lado hondo de una piscina.
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the deep end of a pool.
Lado hondo, lado profundo. --- (Profundo final).
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Deep end.

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