Shopping (dialogues) - De compras (diálogos)

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Can I take a look at the model aircrafts?
Let's buy them.
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¿Puedo echar un vistazo a los aeromodelos?
Vamos a comprarlos.
I'd like to buy these blocks.
OK. Put them into the trolley.
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Me gustaría comprar estos bloques.
Vale. Ponlos en el carrito.
When are we going to the shops?
Do you need something for kindergarten?
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¿Cuándo nos vamos de tiendas?
¿Necesitas algo para la guardería?
Can I buy a football?
Well, perhaps not right now.
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¿Puedo comprar una pelota de fútbol?
Bueno, a lo mejor no ahora mismo.
I want to buy some sweets with my pocket money.
You don't have enough...
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Quiero comprar unos dulces con la paga.
No tienes suficiente...
Can we get some chocolate?
Well, OK.
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¿Podemos comprar algo de chocolate?
Bueno, vale.
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