On a walk (dialogues) - En un paseo (diálogos)

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Who is she?
It's Marie.
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¿Quién es ella?
Es Marie.
Look at this cat!
It's awesome!
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¡Mira ese gato!
¡Es impresionante!
Can you see that boy?
Yes. It's Philippe, isn't it?
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¿Puedes ver a ese chico?
Sí. Es Philippe, ¿no?
I want to go to the forest.
It's a very good idea.
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Quiero ir al bosque.
Es una idea muy buena.
Can I play a bit more with the other kids?
Yes, you've got half an hour.
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¿Puedo jugar un poco más con los otros niños?
Si, tienes media hora.
Look at this stone, mummy!
Wow, it's really beautiful.
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¡Mira esta piedra, mamá!
Wow, es muy bonita.
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