Dinnertime (dialogues) - Hora de la cena (diálogos)

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Do I have to eat the potatoes?
Of course.
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¿Tengo que comerme las patatas?
Do we have any biscuits?
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¿Tenemos galletas?
Can you make potato pancakes?
I'm sorry, honey, we don't have any potatoes.
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¿Puedes hacer tortitas de patata?
Lo siento cariño, no tenemos patatas.
Can you give me some salad?
Here you are.
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¿Puedes darme un poco de ensalada?
Aquí tienes.
Can you give me a plate?
A big or a small one?
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¿Puedes darme un plato?
¿Grande o pequeño?
Do I have to eat the vegetables?
Just try some.
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¿Tengo que comerme la verdura?
Sólo prueba un poco.
Can I have some more fish fingers?
Of course.
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¿Puedo coger más palitos de pescado?
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