Phrasal Verbs E/F

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He blew the candles out
blow out = extinguish (a match, a candle)
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Apagó las velas
She brought my books back to me.
bring back = traer - Do you want me to bring back some snacks from the store?
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Ella me trajo mis libros.
She brought up six children
bring up = raise children, start to talk about
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Ella crio seis hijos
The good news cheered me up
cheer... up = make happier
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Las buenas noticias me animaron
I gave my bike away
give away = donate, get rid of by giving
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done mi bicicleta
Could you please help me out?
help... out = assist to someone
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¿Podrías ayudarme por favor?
The company laid off 100 workers
lay off = stop employment
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La empresa despidió a 100 trabajadores
Please leave the light on / I left my coat on at the cinema
leave on = 1. not turn off 2. not take off clothing
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Por favor, deja la luz encendida / Dejé mi abrigo en el cine
She took a book back to the library
took back = return (devolver) - Is it too small? take it back and get a refund. - If the skirt doesn't fit, you can take it back. - I took the radio back because it was faulty.
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Ella devolvio un libro a la biblioteca.
He took Inma out
take out = invite out and pay
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El saco a Inma
I'd like to talk it over with my wife first
talk over = discuss - I'd like to talk it over with my wife first.- Employees had two weeks to talk the proposal over with their families
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Me gustaría discutirlo primero con mi esposa.
I need some time to think over his proposal
think over = consider - I've thought over your offer, and I'd like to accept.
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Necesito algo de tiempo para considerar en su propuesta.
We worked the problem out
work out = solve, elaborate, calculate - I worked out how much I should earn to buy that house
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Resolvimos el problema
War broke out between the two countries
break out = happen suddenly
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Estalló la guerra entre los dos países
Ana and Tom broke up
break up = separate, end a relationship
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Ana y Tom rompieron
People usually dress up for weddings
dress up = put a nice clothes
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La gente usualmente viste bien para las bodas.
I fell down and hurt myselft
fall down = fall to the ground
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Me caí y me lastimé
I give up
give up = quit doing something or quit trying
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me rindo
Andres grew up in Sevilla
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Andrés creció en Sevilla
When we finished talking, I hung up.
hung up = end a telephone conversation
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Cuando terminamos de hablar, colgué.
Some people moved in next door to me
move in = start living in a new home
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Algunas personas se mudaron a mi casa de al lado
My roommate is moving out
move out = stop living at a place
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Mi compañero de cuarto se va a mudar
Jack showed up late
show up = come, appear
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Jack llegó tarde
I lost count, so I started over
start over = begin again - This is full of errors, I'm going to have to start over. - If you make a mistake, you have to start over. - Can I make these few corrections or do I have to start over?
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Perdí la cuenta, así que comencé de nuevo
I stayed up late last night
stay up = not go to bed
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Me quedé despierto hasta tarde anoche
We dropped in on my friend
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Me deje caer donde mi amigo
Beth dropped out of graduate school
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Beth abandonó la escuela de posgrado
My son likes to fool around with his friends on the weekends
fool around ... with = have fun while wasting time
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A mi hijo le gusta jugar con sus amigos los fines de semana
I get along with my roommate
get along ... with = have a goog relation with
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Me llevo bien con mi compañera de cuarto
When did you get back from Hawaii.
get back ... from = return from a trip
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¿Cuándo regresaste de Hawaii?
I got through with my work before noon
get through ... with = finish
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Terminé con mi trabajo antes del mediodía
Look out for that car
look out ... for = be careful
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Cuidado con ese auto
we ran out of gas
run out ... of = finish the supply of
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nos quedamos sin gasolina
Did you sign up for the school trip
sign up ... for = put one’s own name on a list
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¿Te inscribiste en el viaje escolar?
Watch out for that car
watch out ... for = be careful
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Cuidado con ese coche

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