False friends in French 1 - 25

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I have visited New york, what a grand city!
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and not "grand(e)"
J'ai visité New york, quelle ville grandiose!
to attend
They attend the last meeting yesterday.
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assister à
and not "attend" (third person of singular of the verb attendre)
Ils ont assistés au dernier meeting hier.
Actually, he was the former CEO of the company.
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en fait
and not "actuellement"
En fait, il était l'ancien directeur de l'entreprise.
to accomodate
His employer showed him the easiest way to accommodate himself.
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and not "accommoder"
Son employeur lui a montré la façon la plus simple pour se loger.
He has bought some bras for his wife.
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and not "bras"
Il a acheté des soutiens-gorge pour sa femme.
to abuse
He abused his wife for many years before she went to the police.
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and not "abuser"
Il a maltraité sa femme durant de nombreuses années avant qu'elle n'aille à la police
It's a gentle family.
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and not "gentil"
C'est une famille aimable.
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