Luxembourgish: day 2

Luxembourgish: day 2
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Number - NummerenNumber - Nummeren  
65 flashcards
Conjunctions - KonjunktiounenConjunctions - Konjunktiounen  
23 flashcards
Places - PlazenPlaces - Plazen  
32 flashcards
Useful nouns - Nëtzlech NomenUseful nouns - Nëtzlech Nomen  
34 flashcards
Useful phrases - Nëtzlech SätzUseful phrases - Nëtzlech Sätz  
20 flashcards
Features - EegenschaftenFeatures - Eegenschaften  
30 flashcards
Time - ZäitTime - Zäit  
26 flashcards
Typical conversation - Typesch GespréichsthemenTypical conversation - Typesch Gespréichsthemen  
15 flashcards
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Why should you learn Luxembourgish?

The Luxembourgish language is not so popular, but of course, it will be really helpful if you are living in Luxembourg. If you will learn Luxembourgish, you will be able to get to know better the local culture or to talk in the Luxembourgish language when you are working. Local people love when a foreigner tries to speak in their language! This language is only spoken by less than 400,000, but if you are planning to stay in Luxembourg in the future, it will be really useful to learn Luxembourgish! In fact, in order to obtain the Luxembourgish citizenship, it is mandatory to speak the Luxembourgish language. Don't worry, f you already speak German and French, it won’t be hard to learn Luxembourgish.

Thanks to this course about the Luxembourgish language you will be able to enrich your Luxembourgish vocabulary and you will learn Luxembourgish easily.

What will you learn?

You will learn Luxembourgish, you will improve your Luxembourgish language level. For example, you will learn:

  • 1. Numbers in Luxembourgish = nummeren;
  • 2. Places in Luxembourgish = plazes;
  • 3. A typical conversation in the Luxembourgish language = typesch gespréichsthemen;
  • 4. Time = zäit;
  • 5. Some useful phrases = nëtzlech sätz.

Thanks to this course, you will be able to learn Luxembourgish and to enrich your vocabulary in the Luxembourgish language.

Then what are you waiting for? Start our course!

Thanks to our course, you will be able to improve your level of Luxembourgish language learning basic vocabulary in an easy and funny way, thanks to our flashcards. You won’t even notice that you are studying! You will learn Luxembourgish without even noticing it.

Before starting this course, we recommend you to take a look also at Luxembourgish in 1 day and after finishing this course, take a glance also at Small Talk in Luxembourgish; in this way, you will have a deeper knowledge of the Luxembourgish language and you’ll learn Luxembourgish. Vill Gléck!