Kitchen vocabulary in Luxembourgish

Kitchen vocabulary in Luxembourgish
Learn useful kitchen vocabulary to enhance your Luxembourgish!

Learn a variety of fruits and vegetable names in Luxembourgish by means of flashcards!
A kitchen contains plenty of useful and essential kitchenware, memorize the word for each of them!
We also provide you with a list of fundamental verbs frequently used in recipes, allowing you to better understand the different steps you have to follow to prepare your favorite dish!
You’ll see that mastering this course is as easy as pie!
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Fruits - FriichtenFruits - Friichten  
37 flashcards
Vegetables - GeméisVegetables - Geméis  
38 flashcards
Verbs - VerbenVerbs - Verben  
25 flashcards
Kitchen appliances - KichenapparatenKitchen appliances - Kichenapparaten  
18 flashcards
Drinks - GedrénksDrinks - Gedrénks  
13 flashcards
Spices - GewierzerSpices - Gewierzer  
35 flashcards
Flavour - GoûtFlavour - Goût  
10 flashcards
Typical British dishes - Typesch britesch PlatenTypical British dishes - Typesch britesch Platen  
11 flashcards
Trifle step-by-step - Trifle Schrëtt fir SchrëttTrifle step-by-step - Trifle Schrëtt fir Schrëtt  
14 flashcards